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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Media Sitting On Stories

The John Fox era ends tomorrow, and with it plenty that we will eventually find ended with it.

And along with the stories of the good times (it's amazing how suddenly it's remembered how personable he is with players, and how they fight for him), a regime change brings the inside stories of where they failed.

But why does it take change of that magnitude to bring that level of story?

It's coming out this week (story by Darin Gantt) that the rift between John Fox and Marty Hurney had been present in scouting over a year ago.

I guess it's no surprise, with Fox not getting a contract extension in 08 or 09, and with Hurney reportedly getting a quiet contract extension this year.

And this week Pat Yasinskas stated that the reason for the exodus in assistant coaching was at Fox's urging, stating his own job wouldn't be extended.

So why does it take this long to bring this up? Why does it take the media until now to bring up how damaged things were between Hurney and Fox, or to state why a number of assistants straight-out decided to leave?

You could say it's about not damaging the relationship with the coaches or front office, but I'd say the relationship was already fairly damaged. The bottom line? The media holds stories, willfully choosing to not tell the whole story while a head coach is still employed.
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