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Monday, January 24, 2011

Matsko "fits"

I may have finally figured out why John Matsko likely got hired here so quickly.

Not to say that merit didn't enter into it, or the lack of OL coaches on the market once you took away Tom Cable or Mike Solari.

He's familiar with our offense.

That might not initially seem to matter much, but the methodology with the Coryell-Gillman O is pretty unique. Not unlike running the West Coast offense, it's somewhat interchangeable between coaches, but requires a knowledge of it. You can't just walk in and start calling its plays.

So, Matsko. He was with Cam Cameron for three years in Baltimore. Cameron runs the Coryell O, as he had for years (it was one reason Norv Turner was expected to be a good fit in San Diego). He also recently had on staff Al Saunders, a Coryell staffer (and longtime Dick Vermeil aide).

Before that, Matsko himself was with the St. Louis Rams for their Super Bowl runs. The Greatest Show On Turf, of course, was coordinated by Mike Martz, a Coryell proponent.

And there's the link. He's a career Coryell running game guy. Power running, zone blocking. Give the QB enough time for the precision timing routes.
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