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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fisher Out In TN, and our impact

Watching Jeff Fisher in Tennessee, and seeing a little bit of negative feedback from local fans on hiring Norv Turner's son, Scott, as offensive quality control coach, has brought back a bit to mind on the Turner issue and the Schottenheimer issue.

To that, I mean the disagreement between coaches and front office over staff.

*Marty Schottenheimer was fired after 14-2 because of disagreements over staff - they'd lost Cam Cameron, Wade Phillips, and Rob Chudzinski to other teams, along with letting son Brian go to New York. The front office tried to push Ted Cottrell on Schottenheimer, who wanted brother Kurt.

*Turner landed in San Diego instead of Dallas because Jerry Jones had already hired now-head coach Jason Garrett as OC before hiring a head coach. Turner didn't agree to that, so he had to leave dreaem job Dallas behind. It went to Phillips, who never escaped the inevitability that Garrett would succeed him in the job.

*Ron Rivera ended up losing the San Diego job to Turner. Turner was forced into taking Cottrell anyway. Rivera's contract was up in Chicago, and instead of taking the hot hand in Rivera as DC, he took the LBs job.

Cottrell was awful, Rivera was promoted, and they eventually lost him to Carolina. To be fair, Kurt Schottenheimer wouldn't have been any better than Cottrell, but there was no room for compromise in that situation, to the eventual detriment of both sides.

Fisher's staff crumbled because of disagreements over assistant staff, as well. So where is the line between owner and coach supposed to lie? It doesn't seem like it's that hard to work together on these matters.

I'll also commend Marty Hurney once again, after stating the front office would have a heavy hand in the offensive hiring, for taking the Ron Rivera-approved choice of Chudzinski instead of waiting longer for other coaches that may not have been available. Media pushed Tom Clements of the Packers and Bill Musgrave of the Falcons, at at least one would definitely not have been available (Clements has been blocked before; Musgrave moved on with permission, but likely would've had no permission for a move interdivisionally).

The OC job was a point in which a GM with newfound power could've made his own name known, to push power over a new coach, and he made the sensible choice instead.


Adam Schefter of ESPN says that Carolina was turned down on OL coach Mike Munchak early in their process to fill vacancies quickly.

It's uncertain why they targeted a coach that was under contract - I'm sure there's often a call into various teams about various position coaches, since there's not much way of knowing who's available otherwise.

As well, the information is rarely found to be available to the press, so even people that sift through tons and tons of pages of info to find a nugget like this, typically won't.


There's speculation as to whether the team would've been interested in Jim Zorn had he become available before Mike Shula, but squash it.

I guess it's fair to speculate, given that the team has snapped up a number of guys who were outright fired only days before. Sean McDermott and John Matsko were both suddenly and quickly hot candidates in Carolina.

Zorn's a name, not necessarily a talent. Plus, he was actually available. Matsko and McDermott were quality hires because they fit with scheme and were solid coaches, but got fired.

Zorn was apparently fired because he's a pain in the ass. Sometimes the guy whose name you recognize doesn't mean he's the best just means you don't know that many names.
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