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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Darin Gantt Talks Me Off The Ledge

I spent last night until 2am sweating over the head coaching job.

My worries included whether or not Andrew Luck would come out, and whether or not we'd pick him if he did - which is still a concern.

But moreso, it's that we didn't seem interested in Jim Harbaugh, according to the national media. The locals said, don't panic, they are.

But it was tough to believe. I could only see worries of hiring a Russ Grimm thanks to his Steeler and Redskin past, and watching it go up in flames, with or without Andrew Luck - though possibly without. The Hogs had few line changes but won with 3 different QBs in the Super Bowl, right? Hey let's change things up and trade Luck away for some linemen!

So around that point I'm on the ledge, considering ending it all. I lived through 2010, I can't wait four months worth of draft after having hired a freaking line coach as head coach, and then seeing him flush that pick down the drain.

Well, tonight, Darin Gantt saved me.

They've been talking to Harbaugh "for weeks". That's what I'm talking about. That's how it should be and should continue to be.

Then he popped that about Bruce Arians. This team is going to kill me.
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