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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Control A Major Issue For Panthers

It seems that, right or wrong, John Fox did a number on Jerry Richardson.

Control, both over the roster and apparently the offense, will be more in the hands of the front office than before. Apparently, these were sticking points in the later years of the Fox era, both in the lack of playing of young players and in how the offense works.

This was something Carolina owner Jerry Richardson almost seemed to not concern with, before recently. He recently stated the team didn't give as much concern to what they wanted, apparently not worrying as much about whether they liked what the coach would do as much as how likely it seemed it could be accomplished. Now, it's what they want, which is good - but why wasn't that the case before?

The new head coach, therefore, while still looking to be a defensive minded guy, will have to focus more on offense to the front office's liking, whereas Fox seemed less likely to be involved in what had been the lesser side of the ball the last few years.

It's obviously too soon to tell if this approach will net success, but it looks like Richardson has over-reacted to a point. It's his right and his team, but punishing the next coach for disagreements with the last coach seems to punish the wrong guy.
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