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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad Puns And New Coaches

With the dawn of the newest head coach upon us, the obvious questions will make their way out as well - staff, roster, draft, what type of coach Ron Rivera will be,

Obscured in that? The little things, like what sort of corny nonsense the team website will use when titling Rivera's comments. For years, fans were , and before that, fans were outright abused with their title for press conferences: "Comments, by George." I'm sure that someone's grandmother is eagerly anticipating putting down her knitting to come up with something "clever" right this minute.

So, while the Dom Capers era escaped the terrible puns of the team website, and Andrew Luck himself escaped a nuclear winter of corniness, Ron Rivera just won't be that lucky.

Potential Press Conference Titles:

In A Van Down By The Rivera
A-Ron-ic Comments
How The Rivera Flows
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