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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Asst OL coach Ray Brown hired; Skipper, Shuey?

Ray Brown was hired as assistant line coach today. The former offensive lineman played in 263 games, starting 205, for the Cardinals, Redskins, 49ers, and Lions, with Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in 2001. He won a championship ring with the Redskins in 1991.

Brown falls in line with what the team wants - a young teacher. He fits with what the Panthers seem to want with Ricky Proehl, a longtime player turned young coach to fit with a more experienced coach. Both Brown and Proehl have significant experience with the Coryell system as well.

As assistant line coach, Brown would assist with the linemen and TEs in practice, as well as aid in game tape and preparation, and quality control type duties. If the team hires Proehl to go with Brown, the pair of third-tier assistants would likely be a replacement for that QC position on offense. The team is still expected to hire an assistant DBs coach to go with Ron Meeks, who would share the third-tier defensive duties with Sam Mills III, and may hire a special teams assistant. Of the five possible positions, they only had a special teams assistant (Sam Garnes), defensive QC (Mills), and offensive QC (TEs coach Geep Chryst).

Jim Skipper interviewed with the new staff this week, which may be a good sign toward keeping him. However, the money won't be right (Skipper had accrued 9 years seniority, along with an assistant head coach title he won't likely have now), and he's 62, much older than the typical profile the team wants. The media is downtalking chances of him staying.

Bill Shuey's contract expired as LBs coach with the Eagles. Like DC Sean McDermott, his only real experience in coaching is with the Eagles. He's been there since 2003, working with the same defense we'll run here, with McDermott.

More personally, the firing must suck given that Shuey met his wife, Maura, with the Eagles; she works in the front office. Uncertain if he'll be a candidate, since he doesn't have much history outside the Eagles, but it wouldn't be unsurprising since he fits plenty of the criteria.
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