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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Assistant Update

Looks like the assistants are up for grabs at this point - Greg Manusky may be in Dallas, Rob Chudzinski is still in Miami but is expected to interview here Thursday, Dave Wannstedt may be here or San Diego. Looks like Marc Trestman may be favored for the San Francisco job instead of here as rumored.

Only new mentions? Chicago assistant special teams coach Chris Tabor is rumored as a 'likely' candidate here. Tabor works under Dave Toub, a contemporary of Ron Rivera's in Chicago and Philadelphia (Toub assisted John Harbaugh there, and takes a lot from that time). Rivera has no direct connection to Tabor himself, but the background is apparently appealing.

So, Chudzinski looks to be their top OC choice. Wannstedt, Manusky, and Ryan are looking to fall in somewhere, and one will probably be DC. Time will have to sort it all out.

Without much else to say in this post, here's what I hope for, regarding an assistant staff.

OC - traditional coordinator, calls the plays, is on the field instead of the booth. Does most of the gameplanning but reports from assistants on their specialties are relied upon. Runs the offensive practice and
QBs coach - assists in running the offensive practice, helps in gameplans. No combo OC/QBs coaches. Traditional concentration on gameplanning 3rd down and v/s nickel. Input on play calls.
OL coach - hard nosed, heavily technique based drill instructor. Resident expert on attacking fronts.
WR coach - always in the booth on gameday, helps with passing game and how to attack defensive secondary.
RB coach - handles adjustments and aids in run game development
TE coach - true position coach, no "assistant line/TE coach".
No running game/passing game titles. Up to two third tier coaches, one that does quality control/tape preparation and one that primarily helps with, for instance, the OL and TE.

DC - DCs don't vary much compared to OCs. You run the defense, there's not a lot to it.
DL - also aids in rush skills for LB, fine tunes blitz packages
LBs - tackling czar. No ILB/OLB coach split in 4-3.
DBs - two coaches, but one primary and one assistant. Assistant is quality control and nickel defense.

ST - one primary, and always one secondary. Secondary aids in coaching scout team as well.

Any assistant head coach - traditionally expect one, max two. No two on same side of ball. No associate HC type titles. Hierarchy should be very simple. Head coach, this coach, all other coaches. Preferably not a title held by coordinators.
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