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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Assistant Update - Now With More Proehl

Carolina's talking with Ricky Proehl about being on its coaching staff for 2011, it seems. Good for Ricky - he's overhyped (so many fans' "favorite receiver", yet never started and played on teams with the two best WR Carolina's been blessed with), but was always a class act and exceptional slot receiver.

Plus, I've never stood behind any future Carolina coaches for a sandwich at a local deli before, and Proehl would give me that odd personal artifact.

All outlets are pushing the Proehl story, but only Steve Reed from the Gaston Gazette is forwarding the potential rumor that the team is interested in him as an "assistant WR coach" or "assistant WR/ST coach", a job that would essentially make him a paid intern with expectant promotion in the future.

Other sites haven't confirmed. All suggest that the team is interested in talking with Jerry Sullivan, the WRs coach with the 49ers last year, who had been considering retirement. The feeling is that Sullivan might not coach long, giving Proehl an inevitable plan of succession.

Carolina interviewed Proehl Thursday. No news on Sullivan interviewing.

The team's only had three WR coaches in team history - Richard Williamson (who batted for Proehl's hiring with the press today) is the patriarch, having taken all but two years worth (2001, when Mike Mccoy was oddly placed there so Williamson could continue as OC, and 2010, after Williamson's retirement).

So what else?

Carolina still has plenty of other needs besides the current WR coach issue.

They need position coaches at TE, RB, DL, LB, as well. They would be expected to hire an offensive quality control coach, possibly an asst. OL coach, and potentially another defensive quality assistant or assistant DBs coach.
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