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Friday, December 24, 2010

v/s Pittsburgh, slaughter and a squeegee

That was brutal to listen to, so I hate it for anyone who might have put forth effort to watch that game and/or has a dish. 27-3 didn't start to explain this.

Granted, Jimmy Clausen directed two strong drives - one that included a rare punt inside the opponents' 40 - but got no points early, and then the wheels came off as the Steelers continued to roll with over 400 yards of offense. Meanwhile, Clausen generated almost nothing, with 72 yards passing to go with Jonathan Stewart's 71 rushing and Mike Goodson's 3 additional yards.

A bright spot was Charles Johnson, who came in with a sack in 5 games in a row, and pitched in 2 more against the Steelers. With little help, Johnson now has 11.5 sacks and 61 tackles. Of course, Johnson's a free agent in two games - yikes - so keeping him may become a necessity unless money becomes exceptionally high. last year's 290 lb Johnson as a reserve wasn't good for his game. Johnson never should've been that big, but with Julius Peppers and Tyler Brayton starting and Everette Brown being a guy they wanted on the field, Johnson did what he felt necessary.

Brian Baker has done a fantastic job of coaching Johnson the last two years, and if we can't keep Johnson, maybe the new staff next year will be smart enough to keep Baker. He's seen as a guy the front office likes.
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