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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Richardson's Words Shouldn't Be Expected

Jerry Richardson's letter to fans came out this week, explaining his

was a long time coming, and maybe it was time. Maybe it was needed - as a business decision to curb what may be declining sales, and as a common courtesy from a man that

Richardson, who has never aspired to make himself the media spectacle that Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban have spent years becoming, doesn't have a taste for the spotlight. His work is personal - often visiting fans at tailgates, or more recently calling fans indivudually.

But, that leaves the media tapping their feet, waiting for someone else to write a story for them, waiting for something to happen. They often echo fans' sentiments more this time of year, touting the favorite high pick every few days or tearing down a guy or two that won't be around next year.

And, there are a group of fans who can't be satisfied. Doesn't matter if the moved were made competitively, to get youth on the field after it worked well last year. Doesn't matter about anything really - either you tell that fan exactly what they want to hear, which is almost impossible, or it's not enough.

Jerry Richardson owes us very little. He's given a lot. The idea that a couple paragraphs makes up for a terrible year? No. The expectation that it could, might be half the problem.
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