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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Future Coach Power Rankings

Power Rankings: The Race For John Fox's Job

With a month remaining in the John Fox era, speculation has become more relevant as reality

1. Jim Harbaugh - buoyed by the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, Harbaugh's it's actually improbable that that combo comes together, either or both could stay. Harbaugh fits the profile, regardless of Luck: young, former player, offensive profile, coaching experience

2. Russ Grimm - He's had modest success, but hype is up with sources linking him to Panthers. His Washington days and Carolina's run-based potential offset his lack of flash. Those things don't offset losing to Carolina, which would otherwise drop him to rock bottom.

3. Ron Rivera - Dismantling of Peyton Manning helped (though others have as well lately), as does being a former player, young, and having the #1 defense in the league can't hurt either. Does his ethnicity allow for being Rooney Rule interview?

4. Tony Dungy - A Richardson favorite in 2002, Dungy's another former NFL player who has leaguewide respect and has turned around bad situations before. Impossible to say if he's ready to come back, but stock is high with Jim Caldwell faltering with the same team. Would be at the top of the list if willing to coach again.

5. Sean McDermott - McDermott continues to field a high ranked defense, has fought through injuries, and comes from a heavily successful staff. Concern about replacing him from a few weeks ago, that Reid may let him go, was apparently unfounded and has faded from memory.


1. Brian Schottenheimer - 45-3 loss against New England exposed some weaknesses, and without the help of Bill Callahan's powerful run offense, Schottenheimer's parts didn't work well. Since then, the Pitt win was nice, but scoring 6 points at home against Miami wasn't.

2. Ron Meeks - Had an outside chance at the job, and would be almost guaranteed an interview, but defense slid from 4th to 17th in five weeks. He's gone from must-keep coordinator and possible head coach hire to concerns about his communication, and whether Fox was meddling before the defensive slide.

3. Josh McDaniels - doesn't have a chance at being in Carolina in any capacity, hopefully. He's available now, whih is why it's a terrible idea that no one should ever consider again.
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