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Thursday, December 30, 2010

FAs Want To Stay

Carolina, despite its losses this year and lack of money running around lately, is still an attractive place for its pending free agent players:

This is exceptionally encouraging news, given the year Carolina has had - going all the way back to the offseason purge. And with the labor uncertainty, Carolina has two things - money to spend, and tons of pending free agents.

Players' loyalty is a great thing, especially for a team that has shied away from expensive players outside the team's own roster in the last three years. The largest outside contracts given out since the start of 07? David Carr, Muhsin Muhammad (a return player), and Tyler Brayton. None made over $3 million a year.

So will that translate to outside players wanting to sign?

Carolina inevitably will want to turn to a player or two - the first overall pick will undoubtedly fill a need, but lacking a second round pick they'll lack a few options for need. Inevitably, on a team with tons of youth already, the third round pick(s) will become depth. The team will have to turn to an outside free agent or two, for the first time realistically since 2006. There's just too much youth to compete.

Nonetheless, it's great to hear that players want to stay. Plenty of lucrative contracts, you'd hope, waiting around for the Collective Bargaining Agreement to be signed.
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