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Sunday, November 21, 2010

v/s Baltimore, Pregame

I can't imagine what to suggest this week - in the event a few people read it.

We're without two linemen, three backs, we've chosen to start a QB who's spent less time in Bank Of America stadium than fans who show up to one game a year.

So what do you do? A Mike Goodson, Brian St. Pierre team is a tough enough team to talk about, I couldn't imagine having to coach it against one of the league's best defenses.

To me, you have to use Steve Smith in the slot, simplify the discussion between he, BSP, and the Ravens defense. Any doubling would have to come deeper, so you have attention on a position that probably doesn't go that deep this game anyway.

With Goodson, I'd run from 3 WR more. I'd screen, I'd use him with toss sweeps (name the last time you saw one from us), I'd draw. I don't know that I'd use him inside more than necessary - realistically it's just not fesible to continue to throw away

Jeff Davidson simply can't go out there with run-run-pass. You may not out-smart the Ravens, but new QB or not, gameplans can't be simplified.

Defense looks like a solid matchup. Pass rush may be underwhelming, against a solid OL, but don't get trapped into overload blitzes like last week - Tampa closed the game screening against some top pressure right into the face of where Tampa had already cleared their receiver for a big gain.

Ravens have had some special teams issues - odd for a coach with special teams experience - and there may be room to make up distance there. It won't matter if the offense doesn't do anything with it however.
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