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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Close, But Not Enough

In a game that encapsulated the season so far, Carolina had a shot at the wire and lost, missing on a makeable John Kasay field goal.

Jimmy Clausen and the offense played somewhat well, though it looked like he threw the game away at the end with an interception. A defensive hold and a drive by Clausen at the end of the game gave them the chance to win, in the most exciting game of the year so far.

The defense did fine after giving up an inital 21 point run by Cleveland. Captain Munnerlyn's first career interception, returned for a score, brought them back from the heavy deficit and into winning form, while Cleveland only mustered 3 points in the second half.

Jake Delhomme answered any concern of whether he could've commanded the respect he once deserved here, by singlehandedly letting Carolina in the game with two INT.

So where to go from here? Hard to say. There are no moral victories when you're 1-10, you have no idea if your supposed franchise QB is getting better, and your coach won't return. It's nice to see watchable football, though, and the offense is definitely getting better (if not more consistent). Not coincidentally, the offense gets better with more effective running, which is notable and expected.
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