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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clausen Concussed; Talib Is Garbage

Aquib Talib received the final hit of the Buccaneers/Panthers game, from Steve Smith; it came with a Personal Foul penalty.

The hit came at a lower cost than the one that inspired it - Talib's hit on Jimmy Clausen on the QB sneak. Clausen, who took a helmet to helmet hit from Talib, is out with a concussion.

Clausen's head will inevitably mend, but Talib will be an asshole forever. I'm not advocating it, but there may be a cheap shot in the coming year at Talib. At the least, Smith will look to give him the Deangelo Hall treatment.

So, Carolina will bring Brian St. Pierre, the world's oldest practice squad quarterback up, and he may have a shot at starting. It's no Vinny Testaverde story, because much like everything else this year, it's worse than you think it is.
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