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Thursday, November 11, 2010

2011 Early Look: WR

There's plenty of talk about 2011 already - after all, fans want something to look forward to.

Normally, I'd find this awful behavior, but with one win the team isn't helping. With no coach on the roster for 2011 either, the team is leaving things pretty wide open, too. So anything's possible.

So why is it fairly certain that people talking about AJ Green or other rookie receivers have it dead wrong?

It's a mantra I'll beat into the ground all year. We're not young enough in the passing game yet?

If that's not enough, and chances are for some of you it's not, consider this:

*Steve Smith is coming back. Don't pretend he's not.

*Brandon Lafell and David Gettis are pretty solid. Considering they're rookies, they already have more touchdowns (3) than the veteran combo of Muhsin Muhammad and Dwayne Jarrett last year (1 each). They're coming back, the two rooks. That's 3 WR so far.

*Armanti Edwards is coming back, and while there's a chance the next coach thinks he's a QB, probably not. It'd be surprising to see him not grow into a return role of some sort. Edwards makes the 4th WR.

*Remember Wallace Wright? He signed a two year deal, and Fox wasn't the only one that saw promise in him as a receiver. He's an ace special teamer, obviously, and that's valuable, but being an emerging WR doesn't hurt either. If not him, Charly Martin has a shot at it if he can stay healthy (here I am, holding my breath).

So that's 5 to fill a roster with; 6 to bring to camp. Add in Trent Guy, and that's 7. David Clowney and Devin Thomas won't have loyalty from a new staff, but any new player will be the same level player - young but experienced, and relatively cheap at best.

There's no more room for another lanky, inexperienced WR at this point, or time to wait for yet another WR bloom. A top 5 pick needs to be able to produce.
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