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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

post-Bears nonsense

Carolina regressed offensively, making it to 0-5 for the year. After a few weeks of looking occasionally respectable, the offense finally regressed to total ineptitude. Defensively, holding the Bears to 24 net yards passing and 5 INT, they did enough to win - despite giving up touchdowns on rushing plays within the first five minutes. Of course, Julius Peppers did his - got a QB pressure, and an improbable batted ball turned INT on his back,

The hard part is seeing Jimmy Clausen regress so hard, and having Matt Moore come back in and immediately throw 2 INT. At the end, Clausen couldn't hit anything, tough for a guy touted as being accurate, and Moore did no better.

There's no way around it, this is terrible offensive football. A team wreaking of identity for eight years lacks it, and the only interesting thing outside of the defense is seeing what the offense may have been trying to do instead of what they actually got.

So what now?

Mercifully, a bye week.

Hopefully, they fix ...

...well, everything? At any rate, for right now, I'll leave the hyperbole on how bad this team has become to the professionals, and questions about whether or not they could beat college teams to hopeless fans.
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