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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jarrett Finally Shits The Bed

Well, Dwayne, you can't say you didn't have chances.

Within the last 24 hours, Dwayne Jarrett received a DWI and received his walking papers. And, rightfully so, though many believe the cut came too late.

Jarrett, a theoretically top flight 6'4 receiver who had received the title of The Next Muhsin Muhammad four years running and "no, really, I'll not suck this year" media award the past three, never was worth a damn. His entire tenure here was awkward at best, from his awkward drafting in front of Keyshawn Johnson (who would be cut the following day) to the re-hiring of Muhammad, to the first DWI in 2008, to now.

Jarrett couldn't have caught a starting job no matter how many times it was thrown at him. To say he was one of the most frustrating examples of a non-John Fox Guy in the John Fox era is understating, at best. He, at only rare points, showed the promise everyone said he had.

It's all for naught, going from most frustrating player to non-Panther quickly.

In his place? David Clowney, former Virginia Tech and NY Jets wideout (Virginia Tech, 6', 188), a 4.37 40 yard guy in the combine and 2007 5th rounder (yes, same draft as Jarrett). Clowney has 15 career receptions, 14 of which were from last year, all with the Jets. Clowney has return ability, and may help out there as well long term.

And who knows, maybe he won't be a lazy, underachieving, divisive wideout who the Panthers spend years hoping will become something he'll never become. That'd be nice.
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