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Sunday, October 24, 2010

49ers Freefall

While Carolina fans are (rightly) unhappy about this year, and derided John Fox for never having two winning seasons together (same argument for our franchise), for perspective we have the San Francisco 49ers.

The last time they were this bad was with OJ Simpson as a player - when they had nothing else. By last time, I'm including "this time" to include the terrible Erickson seasons, and pretty much everything since Mariucci. They've had a run of non-winning seasons since 2003, once the York decisions started getting made and the Debartolo ones were wearing off.

It's an epically bad franchise at this point, but a team that still has one more win than ours.

So, time to change that. San Francisco is the perfect team to ail a winless Carolina franchise, hopefully.

It's hard to say if going back to Matt Moore will help, or if Geoff Schwartz moving inside and the very light Garry Williams getting an improbable start at RT will matter. But if it will, this is the week.
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