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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pittsburgh Pre-game

I've been mired in sick baby land for a while, and missed the NYJ game for a trip to LA. Having laid down on the job for some of the most critical football that won't count, I gotta start back somewhere.

So, keep this in mind.

Jake Delhomme started his march to the Super Bowl in a game like this. 11 for 11, 121 yards, 2 TDs late against Pittsburgh in the final preseason game. If not for that, Chris Weinke would've been the backup in 2003.

So - who needs to step up?

David Gettis has another shot at maybe making the team. Kenny Moore has to show he can be good enough to make it. Charly Martin might have a shot at taking on that special teams role if he can play this week.

Brian Witherspoon has to eclipse CJ Wilson, and that probably doesn't happen. He does return kicks, but Wilson might be fighting for Richard Marshall's assumed vacated spot next year. Similarly, Stanford and McClain, our late round pair, are probably interested in gaining employment, too. And they've earned it - there's just not that many spots.

Tony Pike and Hunter Cantwell are similar guys - Cantwell has more experience here, but played less in college at Louisville; Pike had a great year with Cincinnati, playing two years. Both guys came from spread offenses and neither should play this year. Still, a cheap developmental backup is a need, and both fit. Both are worth it. One has to step up and earn it.

*DL - Corvey Irvin has to show something to make the team. He has the potential. Derek Landri needs to maintain his spot wit good run play, but he should be in. Nick Hayden has to grow into something he probably isn't. Anyone else - Eric Moore included, despite his 3 sacks - has to go above and beyond to make the top 53.
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