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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pike Over Cantwell; Ivy, Petitti cut

Carolina released Hunter Cantwell, having effectively chosen Tony Pike as the 3rd QB. Some media reports are calling it "no surprise", though Pike was never ahead of Cantwell. Cantwell started camp as the #2 QB, and now it's a matter of whether or not he'll go to the practice squad (or want to go, given he may have other options).

Pike does make more sense to keep - he's the more pedigreed player, with longer playing time in college and at a higher success rate. Both players, as spread guys, have a long way to go, and the team's willing to wait apparently, already having Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen to develop.

There's always the chance Pike is staying since he's a tradeable commodity, but his 10/18 for 44 yard performance isn't the stuff of legends either; you'd be trading a 6th round pick away for, most likely, a future late round pick or first crack at a player who'd otherwise go to waivers.

Backup MLB Mortty Ivy, far and away the team's slowest LB and not a great fit for the defense, was cut. Ivy was on Carolina's practice squad last year, and may return. Carolina has no one to back Dan Connor at MLB, though some have suggested Jon Beason has a little ability there in a pinch.*

Rob Petitti, famous for having been considered one of the top OTs coming out in 2005 only to go from potential franchise left tackle, to overweight, underwhelming right tackle in the 6th round of that year's draft. He looked like he had a chance as a Cowboy, having started that year at RT as a rookie, but was cut the following camp and has been with four teams since.

*He may have made All-Pro there two of his three years in the league. I'll let you know what I find out.
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