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Monday, September 6, 2010

Full Practice Squad

Following the leaked announcement of WR Trent Guy's addition to the practice squad yesterday, we'd heard nothing all day. Today, all eight are filled. Returning from this week's cuts?

Guy, DT Corvey Irvin, FB Rashawn Jackson, LB Sean Ware, CB RJ Stanford, and RB Josh Vaughan. Added to that are two guards from other teams - Dan Santucci (Bengals 7th rounder in 2007) and Shawn Murphy (Dolphins 4th rounder in 2008).

Murphy (6'4, 319, Utah St), son of former Atlanta Brave Dale Murphy, is 27, having taken three years off to do mission work, playing at Utah State after a stint at Dixie State Junior College. He's not the most athletic player, and doesn't have game experience, but has solid inline strength and has been noted as having good fundamentals and smarts.

Santucci (6'4, 300, Notre Dame) is listed as a guard but played center recently as well. He was recruited to Notre Dame as a defensive tackle, and moved over before the start of his junior year. Many news outlets keep showing him as a 2009 draft pick, but he was drafted in 2007.
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