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Friday, April 23, 2010

LaFell, Edwards: 3rd Round WR Combo

Carolina stole LSU WR Brandon LaFell (6'2, 210, 4.5, LSU) at 78, and then paid a heavy price to return to the 3rd for Armanti Edwards (5'11, 190, 4.40, Appalachian St).

LaFell, largely regarded as a top 50 pick, would've made sense at Carolina's 48 pick. He comes in at 78th overall. A big receiver, he compares to Muhsin Muhammad as a bigger, aggressive guy to go up and get the ball. LaFell never had much at QB, whereas he gets the accurate combo of Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen.

Edwards was a bit more surprising, and he's a guy Carolina apparently targeted eary. As a developing slot WR and return specialist, Edwards has a level of talent that goes as of yet untapped, but he's clearly a football player.

The price to return to the 3rd was the hard part - a 2011 second rounder. It's a steep price for a guy who probably would've made it into the 4th, or would've been supplanted by
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