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Friday, April 23, 2010

Clausen: #48, 2010

Carolina pulled a steal in drafting Jimmy Clausen with the 48th overall pick.

Clausen (6'3, 215, 5.00, Notre Dame), the second highest QB Carolina has ever drafted, is the first name QB drafted since Chris Weinke in 2001. Rated higher than 48, Carolina had apparently attempted to trade up to 33 to get him, Clausen had said.

Obviously, the connection with Clausen is Charlie Weis, Clausen's head coach with Notre Dame. Weis almost became the coordinator here in 2002, and for all real purposes suggested the two coordinators John Fox has hired in his tenure here. We run the same offense he did at Notre Dame (why this is a surprise or new information to the media is beyond me), so naturally we tried to go get his quarterback on good recommendation as well.

Clausen's a good blend of the best attributes of a QB - he's deadly accurate and efficient, but has the arm to make all the throws. He doesn't have the Peyton Manning arm - he's more of a Phillip Rivers, with his slightly low delivery and high efficiency (Rivers quietly leads the league in efficiency while other players throw for higher yards).
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