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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Delhomme Is A Brown; Quinn Trade?

Jake Delhomme has signed a two year deal with the Browns, apparently bypassing a visit with the hometown Saints.

Coming with that is the inevitable journey around Brady Quinn: Mike Holmgren has already said that he'd probably jettison the former first rounder if he got another quarterback (he added Delhomme to former Seahawk Seneca Wallace).

Now, Bill Voth, a sports anchor local to Charlotte, has tweeted Carolina's interest in Quinn.

Initially, the idea of a veteran QB that has a $700k salary, and was wanted by the staff (in rumor, at least) within the draft process, sounds like a great idea. Compounded by that is the history with QBs coach Rip Scherer and OC Jeff Davidson.

Just to deviate from standard protocol here, let's go over how many ways this is terrible:
*paying someone else's first round pick money for a guy not worth first round pick money
*we don't have that many draft picks
*well-known but only mildly successful backup QBs are ten tons of distraction, and Matt Moore doesn't need the distraction, nor does the team
*all of the same positives of Quinn come in the Derek Anderson package, who's free without any trade, and at a contract you yourself can negotiate

So, given the differences between problems, why would a trade for Quinn make more sense than Anderson? Other than the potential idea of having to pay Anderson more (the going rate for backups is, in fact, more than $700k), the downside is much greater than the upside.
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