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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Compensatory Picks In Sight?

Carolina's decision to let franchise player Julius Peppers and their propensity to not sign free agents outside their team may net a 2011 3rd round pick.

For compensation to be possible, a few things need to be in place:
*the team must have a net loss in free agents, regardless of cuts, RFAs, trades.
*the team must lose player(s) for a high contract value
*that player needs to be successful with the new team

These are essentially subjective, other than the net loss. It seems to be an arbitrary process, honestly. But there's no doubting that Peppers has gone, or that he got a hefty salary. So, now all they have to do is keep a net loss of players.

And despite so many cuts, don't expect Carolina to make big signings. As of now, with the team having lost Peppers and backup QB AJ Feeley, they have a net loss. They may wait on players like Keydrick Vincent, and even Muhsin Muhammad, to make sure they keep that net loss.

So, as they lose a third guy, they might sign two.

They can still field a team of strength and value, stay to their core beliefs, and gain a third round pick in 2011. It's not ideal, it's not a reason to let Peppers go, but if that's not in question, benlefitting from it in the future is a plus.
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