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Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Compensatory Picks

Carolina was awarded two 6th round picks (202, 204) and a 7th rounder (249) in compensation for 2009 free agent losses, the league announced today.

The two sixth rounders add to the Oakland draft pick to give the team three picks in the round. Carolina lacks a pick in the 5th, and their original 6th, in trades for Louis Leonard and Tank Tyler. Still, the high 6 from Oakland offsets the 5 to a point, and the later sixes give the team full coverage.

The question is, of course, how they'll fit three more tight ends on the roster.

But, seriously, the team can use these later picks to bolster special teams, including possibly drafting a big-legged kicker for kickoffs and as an heir apparent to John Kasay, and a couple of special teams aces to back linebacker and safety.

It also gives them the ability to stockpile at a position or two - a pair of fast WR if they didn't find value in rounds 2-4 - or a pair of young arms to fight for a 3rd QB spot.

I've stated here many times that I believe they're continuing to work toward compensatory picks for 2011 - which includes a net loss of free agents, and of course losing Julius Peppers.
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