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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scherer Out? Browns' Coaches Staying

Mike Holmgren has stated the entirety of the Browns coaching staff is staying; any convoluted rumors about John Fox being traded away would be ended by that statement.

Jim Mora was fired not long after, leaving a hole in the Seahawks staff; Seattle didn't waste much time, immediately reaching out to USC head coach Pete Carroll, who should be a good fit provided he has the ability to go get a quarterback. The only other job available is the Bills' job, not considered a serious threat to steal Fox away.

So that leaves the Carolina coaching staff essentially untouched, with one possible exception.

Rip Scherer, quarterbacks coach, interviewed and is being offered the offensive coordinator position at the University of Virginia. Scherer wouldn't talk to press, and appeared to be the top candidate before being offered the position; there's no timeline for his decision.

If he leaves, there aren't a lot of options - the team has internal candidate Geep Chryst, the Princeton-educated father of modern statistical analysis in football, who had been a QBs coach and offensive coordinator at the pro level for many years. He's currently the tight ends coach, where the unit has seen three solid years of production.

Other than that, the available coaches are sparse. Turk Schonert was Carolina's QBs coach in 2001, the disastrous year with Chris Weinke and 15 losses in a row. He was fired in September of this year as OC of the Bills. Alex Van Pelt, who was the QBs coach (and then OC when Schonert was fired), is availalble. Neither are shining candidates.

In Seattle, the remaining staff has the ability to stay at this time, so Greg Knapp may return and is likely either a coordinator or QBs coach somewhere. Bill Lazor, the QBs coach, is inexperienced. Washington hasn't employed a QBs coach.

With that in hand, if Scherer did leave, Chryst is the best candidate, and finding a former OL coach to be the TEs coach wouldn't be difficult.

Without exceptional security, some Panthers' coaches did leave last year, including the guy Scherer replaced, Mike McCoy (though it was for a promotion). Some coaches are looking into college jobs, where there definitely won't be work stoppage - the lack of job security, including Fox himself, stems from owner Jerry Richardson's concerns about labor uncertainty. Everyone's under contract through 2010, but not longer.

Jim Skipper typically gets head coach mentions from the college level around this time of year as well. Fans' hopes that Danny Crossman will be hit by space debris have only a moderate chance of happening.
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