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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Raheem Morris Staying

Despite rumors about Bill Cowher in Tampa, looks like Raheem Morris and staff will stay.

Morris, a first year coach, was abruptly promoted to head coach days after becoming the defensive coordinator in the wake of the Bruce Allen/Jon Gruden shakeup. Since then, he's fired an offensive coordinator (bad choice Jeff Jagodzinski) in preseason, fired a defensive coordinator (Jim Bates) in the middle of the season, and changed schemes.

Moving forward, they'll need a Tampa-2 defensive coordinator, as they played much better than in Bates' 3-deep scheme. Bates is still a fine coordinator, but the fit was obviously poor. They'll also likely need a seasoned QBs coach - or move Steve Logan over - as Greg Olson is handling both this role and the coordinator role.

So, Cowher's not an option, and probably a pipedream in Carolina anyway. My guess is the cake job with the huge cash payday isn't going to come, and Cowher will magically not want to return this year after all. But, expecting the jackpot from either job would be unrealistic.
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