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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just How Bad Was Crossman?

Pretty bad, really.

This article from gives an idea as to how bad. It also gives a solid feel for how much better the last two years' work on the team website has been since the Brett Borden days, but that's a separate topic.

So, quickly, here are the highlights:
*Carolina had not had a blocked punt, kickoff return, or punt return in the five years Crossman was special teams coach.
*Carolina gave up five special teams touchdowns in that same span, and had five punts blocked in that span.
*Carolina ranked 32nd in kickoff return numbers over the same span.

Crossman was a hard-working, dedicated coach who put tons of time into his craft. But it doesn't appear he's any good at it.

With that said, he also just got hired in Detroit.
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