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Friday, January 15, 2010

Danny Crossman Fired: Bobby April Unavailable

This Thursday was bittersweet for Panthers fans, and John Fox alike, as Danny Crossman will not be retained.

For Fox, it meant firing a former All-American fullback and safety under him, and a long-time coach. Crossman was around since 2003, over which time we've had change at every position other than RB coach and WR coach (and of course, Fox himself).

For fans, it wasn't bittersweet Crossman himself was let go. They, including myself, had been asking for such a thing for years. The relative unhappiness was over the intended successor - Bobby April - who had signed quietly with Philadelphia the same day. Philadelphia didn't even have an opening until after they signed April, so it was a very shrewd move for the Eagles.

So, with the relative joy that comes from the firing of one of the worst coaches on staff (to be fair, his college cred was very respectable), comes with the problem of replacing him with better.

Immediate names brought up by the media were also-rans:
*Al Everest, who was roundly dressed-down by the somewhat unstable Mike Singletary
*Joe Avezzano, the Christopher Lloyd-looking wild man notably of Dallas' past, who never really seems to coach but sure does look like he has fun yelling
*Bob Ligashesky, who got fired in Pittsburgh this year (honestly, he did have good units at a time)
*Ted Daischer, the guy good enough to get fired for Bobby April

Darin Gantt did suggest a very possible hire: Larry McDuff. He coached with Fox/Skipper in New York, and he was with the UFL last year.

My top two?
Danny Smith, late of Washington, and Bruce Dehaven. Smith has typically had very good coverage units; Dehaven was a long-time Bills assistant scapegoated for the Music City Miracle. Either would be a major upgrade.
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