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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cleveland Rumor; Coaches Drying Up

A few sources (or, more likely, one source) have John Fox being looked at as a possible choice in Cleveland.

For that to happen, Fox would have to want out (he stated on Panthertalk Radio that he looked forward to being here, his only real statement). Cleveland would have to give up compensation, as well.

Mike Holmgren doesn't seem to fit well with Fox, either. At best, the "rumor" stated that Fox would run the defense, and as vice president, Holmgren would "have significant say with the offense."

So, far fetched at best.

In the meantime, other coaches are falling in line and it's only day two of the process. Mike Shanahan's already in Washington, and if Carolina doesn't lose Fox, the only current opening is Buffalo. With Bill Cowher suddenly deciding he likely won't coach in 2010, there aren't a lot of opportunities.

Out of that Buffalo firing, STs coach Bobby April and DC Perry Fewell are solid options for teams looking. As well, it's been noted here many times that Charlie Weis is looking for a team - he looks to have received an offer from Kansas City but may also end up in Chicago.
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