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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tampa today

And so starts the Matt Moore era, amongst baseless accusations to whether or not Jake Delhomme's finger is hurt.

As of this morning, it's hard to say who else might actually play. Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams are both on the injury list, Delhomme is out. Muhsin Muhammad is back on it again, and Dwayne Jarrett is gimpy. So they'll have to balance where to put Tyrell Sutton, Mike Goodson, Charly Martin, and Kenny Moore. To compound, Brad Hoover is struggling again this week. Might actually even be smartest to go without a fullback today and just prepare for the tight ends to play the role, get Hoover healthy and have room for the extra depth at WR and RB we seem to need so much lately.

Tampa's only won a single game, but we often play like we've won one game. We have to rally with the young guy, and hope he's going to be good enough to stave off hopelessness for a while.
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