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Sunday, December 27, 2009


A few scattered thoughts before the Giants game - Merry Christmas everyone. What a fantastic win last week, though despite the time off I haven't had much to put in on it. So much to say, and not much time to add.

Coming off the big win against Minnesota, I don't see a lot of hope in New York.

New York gashed us against the run last year, especially from 3 WR, and while Carolina has done a great job of playing in nickel and dime lately, teams haven't run on them from the dime. In the end, that's what got us last year (spread, shotgun, then draw), and I don't think our 3-2-6 will suddenly be any bigger against a very large Giants team.

I'd expect we do a solid job against their receivers, and against their base O to a point (maybe less run success than last week), but Manning is still very accurate.

Their defense has been susceptible, and you can count on a solid Steve Smith game, jacked up on the idea of proving who the real Steve Smith is. I'm hoping for a big day with the TEs. And Jonathan Stewart has to come up big again (actually, Mike Goodson's the one who has to come up big - Stewart takes care of his).

also, seems like we just happen to get New York in New York again, next to last game of the year again. A lot less on the line this time, but I'm expecting a similar result. I just don't know we can do this great of a job a second game in a row against a top team. Then again I felt doubtful last week, and got a nice surprise.

As an aside on John Fox, Marty Hurney, Julius Peppers, Jake Delhomme, Dwayne Jarrett, any Panther who fans or media have determined to seal fates on: we've got two more games left. They might be meaningless to you, but you expect them to play to the whistle, play to the last snap, so maybe we wait until the year's over to make wish-lists that won't happen or fire people you have no authority to fire.
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