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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giants Postgame

Carolina outright dominated New York (to my happy astonishment, given my pregame worries) in one of the worst defeats in Meadowlands history, and one of the biggest wins in Carolina history from a point perspective.

Jonathan Stewart led the way, breaking the single game rushing record and becoming the first back in franchise history to go over 200 yards in a game. It was the first 200 yard rushing game against the Giants since 1978, and it put Stewart over 1000 yards - giving Carolina two 1000 yard backs. With another 100 yards, Carolina would be the first team with two 1100 yard rushers.

Matt Moore had his second straight 3 TD/0 INT game. He led Carolina to 10/15 on third down, a fantastic mark no matter the opponent.

Steve Smith caught a brilliant touchdown, taking the last few yards with a broken arm, bouncing off a defender and scoring before heading to the locker room. Jeff King had to go to the carpet to pull down his touchdown.

Brad Hoover turned in a solid performance, getting a rushing touchdown at the goal line and getting 9 carries/42 yards total while he lined up behind rookie Tony Fiammetta, his eventual replacement. Mike Goodson, the backup this game, fared somewhat well in the passing game but struggled to push the pile running, and eventually gave way to Hoover.

The defense played lights out: Julius Peppers and Jon Beason had dominant performances, and the defense overall pulled down four sacks, 3 INT, 2 FF, and ten s behind the line of scrimmage.

Carolina played as a team posessed in their second game since being eliminated from playoff contention. While New York would've scored first points (a Steve Smith the Younger TD brought back by obvious holding), they never seriously contended after that. Even late the Giants had major miscues - a missed extra point, a 4th down and goal touchdown dropped by Madison Hedgecock - but no mistakes can be made, this win was as much Carolina dominance as Giants ineptitude. Spoiling the Giants' stadium farewell and playoff hopes made for a sweet trophy at the end, and thoroughly dismantling a team with a better record was a nice accomplishment as well.

Carolina has quietly put together a hot four games - three wins and a loss to NE that should've been a win. They've rallied under Moore and behind John Fox, for a strong late season finish that many would be disastrous as the teamwent down the stretch.
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