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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Postgame Jets - three tackles

Some quick and potentially angry thoughts after the Jets game -

  • I'm generally a forgiving guy, and I've stuck behind Jake Delhomme. After INT #3, I was ready to pull him for the season and feel a little sore we haven't by now. I can even understand to a point on any one of the INTs - a kicked shoe on what looked like a Smitty mistake, and two deep throws on blitzes where he was hit when he released. But three in a half is terrible.
  • Our starting pair of WR had a total of 13 targets (3 INT), 3 total receptions, 6 yards, and three tackles. Ugly.
  • Our current line of Wharton at LT and Bernadeau at LG was outmatched and outclassed. We might be able to hold water with this pair but not for terribly long. Both were better as they were- Wharton at guard and Bernadeau on the bench.
  • Defense deserves credit. Peppers with 4 tackles, .5 sack, FF; Brayton with 1.5 sacks, 2 pressures, and a TFL; Gamble with a solid INT and a PD; our DTs played well all game.
  • Jon Beason deserves separate mention - 17 tackles, TFL, and a fumble recovery.

Now, the next questions.

Should we continue continue with Jake Delhomme? Will we?

We will, but I'm about ready at 7 losses to see what someone else can do. This ship has sailed.

Same questions, John Fox?

We won't fire him until the end of the year, and we shouldn't. But after that? I'm losing confidence. Still, does he pass the requisite tests? We do look prepared. We do fight to the finish. We're not that good, especially on offense, and someone has to answer to that.

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