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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jon Beason Arrested

I was tipped to a possible altercation including Dante Rosario and Jon Beason following the Falcons game, that including stomping some drunk bastard who tried to start a fight, and may have gotten more than he asked for.

Time passed and nothing happened, so I waved it off as unlikely.

Well, today, Beason was arrested, for assault based on an incident following the Falcons game at Uptown Cabaret, just south of the stadium. Rumors include that the assaultee, Greg Frye, consistently claims to be a Carolina Panther and has often gotten into fights at Uptown Cabaret before. Frye claims now to have brain and eye damage due to the altercation with Beason.

Rosario's name has been left out, and he's not been arrested. But other rumors have come out including the second player as well. So don't be surprised if his name does come out in some form.

Here's Beason's arrest info:

Here's the guy he allegedly assaulted, including an arrest for this guy's apparent assault of a female:

Frye's also apparently gotten a reputation for getting in fights at frat parties, though that's not a direct source or anything verifiable.
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