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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jake's Finger Benches Him

John Fox announced today that there was swelling in Jake Delhomme's finger (and wouldn't specify which one), but noted it was at 2:24 left in the game.

Speculation suggests it's a bit of a mercy - benching; some go as far as to suggest he's not hurt. Look at the way balls come out late in the game - jump balls, high arcing. Different throws than his previous ones (even the bad balls that were picked).

So, he's done regardless. I'm okay with it - even if fake. Too many people that have called for the benching for months (I've been calling for it for hours) suddenly want to cry about it not coming exactly the way they want.

But, if this is some elaborate cover-up, do you blame Fox? It's not about just Jake. He coaches 53 men, not one. That other 52, they want to run for the playoffs, no matter how unlikely. And that's how we like them. They want to fight, we want them to fight. A benching suggests playoffs are unrealistic (they are), and that's not what they pay Fox for. He's paid for never-say-die, not "oh well."

Either way, Matt Moore starts this week it seems.
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