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Monday, November 30, 2009

Charlie Weis Fired

Weis was fired today, and notably Carolina's one of the top destinations per the media, including Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

Carolina's the most stable of the expected openings - only QB is really rocky, followed possibly by 2nd WR. Weis isn't worried about money - he gets the buyout after being let go from Notre Dame.

But one thing would halt the process - Weis' situation would want to include a few things Carolina might not be able to give.

Weis is an OC, and Carolina has an OC. That can be remedied, of course - but making Weis the OC means firing Weis protege Jeff Davidson.

You could make him assistant head coach and give him the job without firing Davidson as OC - essentially supplanting him but not firing him - but the assistant head coach is Jim Skipper, who is Fox's most trusted associate. He could be QBs coach and handle the running of the offense, but Rip Scherer is a trusted associate of Davidson.

So, those messes aside - how to get him on staff in an appropriate position - there's another thing. Weis' hiring shows a positive plan to help Fox get back on track, but even if Fox could use Weis to ensure his own survival, Fox only has one year left on his contract.

And I'm not sure anyone, even a trusted friend, would stake more change on a one year coach.
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