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Monday, September 7, 2009

Practice Squad

The Panthers signed five players who they cut on Saturday to their practice squad: Quarterback Hunter Cantwell, receiver Jason Chery, linebackers Kelvin Smith and Mortty Ivy and defensive tackle George Hypolite.

Hypolite was an interesting choice since he wasn't able to beat out Marlon Favorite, who wasn't signed; Smith and Ivy are athletic and ably talented choices who won't be nearly as popular as if Jeremy Leman would've made it, but have a shot at a future he doesn't.

Cantwell will get time to develop, and Chery was by most accounts their 5th best WR.

What's left for the remaining three spots? They already have 3 defenders of 5, but expect a DB, probably a safety. They have no OL on staff, so they'll probably bring a G/C or a versatile tackle who can move inside, to round out a second complete line (they have nine on the active roster).

The 8th spot is hard to say. They're probably looking for a returner to develop, which could be a corner, WR, or RB. They could do anything with this spot, though.

All three spots are likely to be taken from outside the team's cuts, unless they cut a player like Gary Williams to fit a veteran onto the roster.
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