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Friday, January 23, 2009

Trgovac to Packers; Herm Edwards Available

Mike Trgovac spent the morning becoming the new DL coach of the Green Bay Packers, and the afternoon explaining why.

"There was no one determining factor," he told The Observer of his decision to turn down the team's offer to remain as defensive corodinator. "I had been there seven years. In coaching, that's a lifetime. I just thought it was best that I did it at this time. I just wanted a fresh start. When I put all my thoughts together and all the situation together, it came down to that."

Trgovac squashed rumors that it was regarding payscale, late contracts, or unhappiness with John Fox.


Herm Edwards, a college teammate of Fox's, is now available. The Chiefs have fired the coach they traded for, giving him three years and seeing this year's collapse as a sign of worsening trends. The Chiefs are expected to hire former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan.

Edwards, a defensive specialist, was an assistant head coach/defensive backs coach with Tampa Bay before becoming a head coach in New York in 2001. Teaming with Fox at San Diego State, the pair were starting safeties, and some rumors have taken him to wanting a defensive assitant position in the NFL. The Chiefs would still honor his contract, so he'd come cheaply; he's never been a coordinator so he may want that position or he may want to stay an assistant and help administrate more. He's been linked to the Panthers and Colts, both of which have the defensive coordinator position open; the Panthers have the defensive backs coach position open as well.
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