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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tim Lewis and other coaches possibly out?

It's been tough dealing with the aftermath of the Arizona game. As of yet, no season review, no AZ game analysis. I think we all get that Jake Delhomme had a huge problem after that first fumble and proceeded to try too hard to make things happen. We all get that the defensive secondary failed, too. There's not a lot to see positive out of it. But while I recover from the season, the offseason starts. And thefirst bit of news comes out of Tim Lewis' corner, where he's been given permission to seek the defensive coordinator job with the Packers:

It's a departure from past suggestions that the Panthers wouldn't allow Lewis to interview (with Marvin Lewis/the Bengals last year). It also suggests that Lewis may be free to pursue other jobs, with the articlestating that Lewis may make a lateral move to the Packers as DB coach. If Lewis does go, it's possible that the Panthers 'promote' safeties coach Mike Gilhamer to the position, keep him coaching the safeties primarily, but give him more responsibility. It's also possible they hire a different defensive backfield coach and keep things as-is (Gilhamer has survived other staff changes, including the change thatbrought Lewis aboard). The statement that the Panthers have allowed some of their coaches topursue other jobs may be limited to coordinator level positions - theteam does still have the right to refuse lateral moves. But it does suggest that once coaches come back from their week-long vacation, thatsome changes may occur within the coaching staff, contrary to statements made by John Fox in the last week. So who else may be in danger? It's not likely that the coordinator positions face major change - if there was, longtime defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac may be out, but Jeff Davidson wouldn't. Davidson is both new and leads a unit that was very effective this year; Trgovac has had six years and has shown some decline as the team has gotten younger. Trgovac's schemes don't differ much from what John Fox would want, but recent ideals from 2006-07 (getting bigger, two gap type DTs) and more blitzing (07-08) don't fit as well. The team's still got some overhauling to complete, and there's the offhand chance that they do so with another coach.

In other assistants, there's buzz that Mike McCoy is looking around, and the team may make a change on special teams. For the most part, there's not a lot that will be done, but these are potential spots of interest.

In other news, former Panthers OL coach Mike Maser was fired after oneyear with the Miami Dolphins. Carolina fired Maser after the 2006season.
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