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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scherer Speaks; No Other News

After the Mike Trgovac statements, not much has happened. No rumors of interviews so far, though the team has tended to stay quiet in that regard (and it's especially easy in Mobile, where coaches, GMs, and sometimes owners are seen mingling amongst fans.

With Herm Edwards still a fresh fire, he probably won't be ready to talk to teams for a day or two. He has said, as a quick update, that he won't coach anywhere as a coordinator; he won't seek any head coaching jobs (i.e., he's not going to Oakland, though I don't know if there was a concern there anyway), and he'd either go be a DBs coach or go to TV. To me, TV is overcrowded with guys from the NFL already, and Edwards' style of public speaking doesn't fit. As a DBs coach and assistant head coach, he could help mold a young team and rebuild the equity he's put in his career.


Rip Scherer gave his first interviews (which may be about as good as we get - Jeff Davidson interviewed somewhat rarely and most coaches don't talk to press much at all). He talked of a past facing Jake Delhomme, underlying the passion and fight in him. They've worked on forming a kinship, and it should be good for the pair.

They also talked about fundamentals - something that would be sorely lacking when your QBs coach has experience with one team and is three years older than your starting quarterback (yeah, as a matter of fact, while Vinny Testaverde was older, he had a lot more to offer; you can honor his feelings for family but lament that he couldn't stay longer or that he couldn't spend time with a healthy Delhomme). McCoy lacked the working knowledge of the game that Scherer has, which is why I believe we upgraded.

Scherer spoke of Delhomme's initial meeting, which seems to show a want to take advantage of the new start with a more knowledgeable coach.

“I know a lot of guys don't adhere to that in the NFL,” said Scherer. “But Jake wants that. He wants to get back to focusing on fundamentals and technique, and on the mental part of the game, the emotional part of playing the position, the leadership, handling the pressure, things like that. I don't think you can neglect any of those.
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