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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Housecleaning: Trgovac, Lewis Choose To Leave

Mike Trgovac has turned down an opportunity to stay as the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers, possibly stemming from disagreements over how to re-shape the defensive staff and players. Tim Lewis has also left, choosing to take the defensive backs position in Seattle.

Up to this point, all defensive coaches and QBs coach Mike McCoy had been given permission to look at other jobs, though to this point each of them had taken on other roles (McCoy and LBs coach Ken Flajole being promoted to coordinators, Sal Sunseri as assistant head coach/LBs coach). Lewis is making a lateral move (he was a finalist for the defensive coordinator job with Green Bay), and Trgovac simply chose not to stay (after two days of stating he was to sign a new contract).

This leaves only DBs/Safeties coach Mike Gilhammer, who was with John Fox from 1997-2000 in New York, and Sam Mills III, a third tier quality control assistant (and, obviously, the son of Sam Mills), left from the staff last year on defense (and only two coaches, Jim Skipper and Richard Williamson, as coaches from the 2002 staff - Williamson is the only coach left from 1995).

This afternoon, it was rumored by that Trgovac would become the defensive coordinator in Tampa. This was filled by Jim Bates, former Miami/Green Bay coordinator, who would've become a candidate here. The team hasn't and likely won't state who their candidates are, but a later post will suggest some alternatives.

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