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Friday, November 28, 2008

New Practice Routine

Carolina, after having had defensive problems with the no-huddle, with getting up to the line defensively before the ball is snapped, and with a team that starts slowly anyway, made some adjustments to practice.

No pads, faster in and out of drills, and working on things like getting out of the huddle fast, quick adjustments, and just increasing the pace of work. In doing so, the team feels it will find a way to erase some of the problems of the Atlanta game quickly, which is both good and necessary; hopefully, it doesn't take too much focus from another critical away game in Green Bay.

I'm hopeful that they can take this and apply it both offensively and defensively: defensively, I don't want to see teams using no-huddle because it's an advantage. I want to see it because they're desperately behind and this is the best they can do. Offensively, I'd like to think we can use the urgency as a part of the message, not unlike the drafting of Stewart and Otah. We're doing things purposefully, with the ideal that no matter what, they can't be stopped.

Come to the line fast after a stoppage in play, to show purpose. You know what we're going to do, we do too. And we both know you won't stop it. Come to the line fast with the clock running to unnerve and force anticipation. We don't care if the clock is running - let it run. We'll get another first down and you can stare at the clock if you want, we'll be walking upfield.

The offense needs that swagger to survive. It's what's been missing in these slow starts.
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