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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scalping The Chiefs

It's not politically correct to beat on the Chiefs like this anymore, so Carolina took to running the ball on 4th down inside field goal range. Possibly trying to take it easy on former teammate Herm Edwards, John Fox called off the dogs early in the 4th quarter and started playing backups. Only backup C/G Mackenzie Bernardeau failed to play, and with our line depth concerns right now, that may have been a smart idea.

Games like these are fun - when you're a young player, sometimes this is the only time you get in early on. I'd have liked to have seen the starters come out earlier and get more balls to backups in the passing game. Still, this isn't the type game that many things go wrong - you'd always like to get your stars a TD, or a milestone, but coaches aren't worried about that.

Deangelo Williams got three TDs, and once Muhammad got his, there was no reason to score again, so while Steve Smith could've had 100 yards and a score, or Jonathan Stewart could've gotten his 100, there was no reason. Would've been fun, though.

Carolina just dominated. Even with some backups playing, they were taking it to the Chiefs. So, in lieu of an overview, or a grade (let's just go ahead and give them an A across the board), and all the positives coming out, I'll focus on the downsides.

*Jake Delhomme missed a few opportunities. He could've placed a pair of balls better than caused Steve Smith to get hit hard, and both of them would've been big gains. Smith was covered well, but placing it correctly, Delhomme would've had 4 TD and a 350 yard day.

*Steve Smith dropped a deep TD and didn't seem to be himeself.

*The smoke routes were called at bad times. The corners were getting beaten handily, and KC's youth doesn't look to have a significant upside there either. But they were playing somewhat close to the line, and those should be called when they're 100% completed, not 50%. The receiver should have time to catch the ball, settle in, and get upfield. Anything less will be dangerous.

*It's hard to find fault in the OL. Delhomme was only hit once, and he got 15 yards out of it. The running game was there most of the day. But bad execution at times hindered that, and this can't happen against good teams. Keydrick Vincent fell down on a pulling play, and a number of times the Chiefs penetrated and stopped the RB for a loss. Can't afford that against good teams, putting yourself into third-and-long because of poor execution at the line of scrimmage.
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