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Monday, September 1, 2008

McCown Traded To Carolina

Josh McCown was traded to Carolina this weekend. The 6th year veteran with 31 starts comes from Miami by what is being reported as a 7th round pick. The team apparently felt that Matt Moore's injury and disappointing play this week was worth pushing for a veteran, and had felt that McCown was intresting prospect for a while now.

McCown is and always has been an intriguing physical prospect, with 4.57 40 speed and a good deep arm, but hasn't been as efficient or mistake-free (36 to 40 TD:INT ratio, 36 fumbles in 44 appearances) as teams have hoped.

After a few years with the Cardinals, including a 400 yards 2 TD game against Carolina (a game Carolina won), McCown went to the Lions to backup Jon Kitna (and was used as a flanker in a handful of games, catching 2 passes). McCown was traded to the Raiders that next year, starting all 9 games he was healthy in. After signing with Miami this year, he was entrenched in a battle for the starting QB job until Chad Pennington became available; McCown was traded to Carolina not long after.

I personally don't understand the urgency to trade for a QB that may have been available; if not, there were other options out there that aren't as mistake prone or expensive (McCown is on the front end of a 2 year, $6 million deal). But we needed a veteran, and McCown is a gamer.
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