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Saturday, August 30, 2008

v/s Pittsburgh

An uneventful game, other than the Moore injury and a late game surge; the backups certainly lack the pop of the starters, who were notably left out. Backups fought backups to see the team lose on a late field goal.

Jonathan Stewart and Richard Marshall, top backups considered to be starter level, were held out as well. Dante Rosario started the game and was quickly pulled after catching one nice pass (for 21 yards). It was a battle of roster spots - LaBrandon Toefield v/s Decori Birmingham; the backup DBs, 3rd TE.

  • Birmingham won (9 carries 38 yards, v/s Toefield's 13 for 18). He showed better play throughout camp; Toefield didn't look good at all and only had one good game.
  • Ricardo Colclough looked good (and later got a DUI to effectively end his tenure), as did Dante Wesley and CJ Wilson. Wilson's work in short space was very solid, whereas Wesley continued to be a hitting machine and ST power.
  • Gary Barnidge won the 3rd spot, not unexpectedly - 3 catches 33 yards in quick succession before giving way to Chad Upshaw. If Barnidge had been healthy, he would've never had to compete, effectively. But that goes same for Rosario, who could've started if he'd had four games of production. At either rate, while Jeff King showed some bullish strength at points in the Indy game, the team is going to have a lot more options for getting the ball downfield.
  • Matt Moore looked average to bad against Pittsburgh, then got laid out on a blitz. His two double-coverage throws were not a good sign, either. Brett Basanez was efficient and had one deep ball for the game-tying TD, but in busted coverage.
  • Dwayne Jarrett and Dominique Thompson showed good receiving; Jarrett continues to grow.
  • Charles Johnson and Gary Gibson made plays as "starters' on the 2nd defense, showing themselves to be above the others playing. Darwin Walker continues to be solid but not a stand out, concerning given his past starting history.
  • Samie Parker didn't impress as a return man.
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