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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Impressions

  • QB: Moore was a solid #2, fairly accurate. Basanez did well too, that deep ball INT wasn't that big a deal - the WR got out of position. Both guys have some mobility, which is nice for two young guys with this much poise. If either got in, they'd need some wheels, since we'd get blitzed a ton.
  • at FB, Hoover still shows good body control and ability and average pop in blocking. He's heavier, but has a gut in camp which isn't great, but he's never been a strong guy. Fleming had a better day blocking than Hoover did, but he had a fumble, a drop in the passing game, and screwed himself with these.
  • TE: didn't see a ton from them, since we only dressed two. Surprised we didn't do any tackle-eligible. But King showed himself to be adequate. Upshaw was a solid blocker and reached for a key first down too. Barnidge, Rosario were both hurt, which is a shame, because they're more physically talented than King and I'd like to see Rosario take the job.
  • WR: Moose got his, Hackett didn't dress. Jarrett had three nice balls, one a drag route for short distance and two in-traffic balls deeper. He took the hit and got after it each time. Also could've had a deeper ball that sailed out of bounds, but had an offsides penalty that just didn't need to happen. Carter had some trouble fielding punts but caught a nice 20 yarder and showed some burst on two short balls. Travis Taylor caught one, and every time they mentioned him, I remember thinking "wait, we have Travis Taylor?" I was surprised each time he was mentioned.
  • OL: Otah was solid and on the Williams 10 yard run took a guy out of the play about 10 yards to the sideline. If you watch the NFL video on the score page, it's around 1:08. Watch him v/s 77. Awesome. Kalil certainly seemed to make great calls and got to the second level. All in all, I was impressed with the first unit, and the second unit minus Omiyale - not that Omiyale was terrible, but the other four including Hangartner were better. Bridges looked better as a LT than he did. Fonoti played LG on 2nd team, I don't know if that's good or not. Initially I'd say not good, given that it's tough to battle to start at RG if you're not lined up there. Other than that, it was funny watching not-Kris-Jenkins blocking for not-Deshaun-Foster. Any of the 3 vet guards could play 1st team RG, IMO. I don't have concerns about our 1st unit run blocking, but didn't see much pass blocking. Otah kept his guy in front of him for the most part.
  • DL: Peppers did well against a good 1st string OT in Ugoh. Gibson didn't look terribly out of place with the 1s, so maybe he makes it over an ailing Scott. He started over Walker, which has been odd. Hayden on the backup squad looked OK, had a few nice moves and some mistakes. Johnson looked good with the 1s. maybe he sticks as the starter, don't remember seeing Brayton. McClover is what he is - a light guy with one move and speed, and he took away from that with two offsides penalties. Taylor is the 3rd string equivalent, minus 20 lbs and with a little more instinct, making a play and then getting lost.
  • LB: Beason didn't play. Davis made a great move on the run to stuff the RB inside his own 10. Seward was active at MLB. Johnson started, looked OK, kinda crappy in coverage. Backups - Connor had a miscue or two but led the team in tackles, has enough range despite his lack of short range burst to get to the sideline on plays. Anderson is still average, may not make it as a 2nd string WLB if we can keep both Shaw and Connor to back up either spot. Connor blitzed a fair bit and lacks the skill for it. One place where some short-burst speed like Davis' or Beason's is a big plus and Connor's lack of athleticism hurts.
  • S: Holt looked solid as a starter. Godfrey had no mistakes and flies to the ball. Salley, normally the 2nd string SS, was aggressive but can't cover that well. He's still remarkably inexperienced, and missing time to injury will do that (he's been hurt this year, and missed last year). Teal made a good play on an INT, he's still an underdog but may stick. TEs got behind us plenty, but to defend that we were playing a lot of man behind a lot of blitzing.
  • CB: starters were fine, out early. Wesley doesn't look like the favorite to keep the 4 job. Deloatch, Colclough had some good stuff out there. Wilson wasn't bad, either. Hopefully, the #4 guy won't have to play any, but it'd be nice to find the best of this group
  • ST: should've let Lloyd kick a FG or two. Kasay should not be kicking 4-5 FG in a practice game. Baker looked good. We looked OK on punt coverage, but crappy in kick coverage. Not great on returns either.

Overall, we looked like we were crisp to start, and finished sloppily. We won a preseason game on two opportune turnovers by a 2nd string QB that may not be second string for long, based on the play of Lorenzen.

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